Thread: ints and doubles problem

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    ints and doubles problem

    I'm trying to accept doubles from a text file called pay.txt. But it only seems to work with ints. When I change my var types to doubles, It creates an endless loop. Here is my code:



    double pay_arr[5], sum;
    double avg, pay, x;
    FILE *inpay;

    inpay = fopen("pay.txt", "r");

    sum = 0;
    for(x=0; x<6; x++){
    while( fscanf(inpay,"%d ", &pay_arr[x]) != EOF){
    printf("%d\n", pay_arr[x]);
    sum = sum + pay_arr[x];
    printf("total: %.2lf\n avg: %.2lf\n", sum, sum/6);


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    First off, use code tags .

    check what datatype fscanf is expecting, and the following printf in the loop, and check what datatype you send it.

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