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    not sure what the prob is


    i wont write the code as it is too big i will just explain lol

    so i define a struct, create a pointer (will call him e) of that struct type, do a malloc with size of 1 struct (just for him to have a address), then i send the pointer in a function.

    In the function i realloc e (as now i know what size it as to be) create variables, i copy those variables into e. Inside the function e have all the camps ok. when i leave the function, its all messed up.

    What is the problem? does he free the space i realloced in the function when i leave it? since the variables are freed and i entered with a pointer, e then points into free memory instead of the variables?

    Well i cant figure it out :S nor how to conturn this lol

    Any help?
    i hope i wasnt too vague


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    If you have a pointer outside a function, and you pass it to a function, that function can only change the value of what is already being pointed at.

    If you have a pointer outside a function, and inside the function you want to make it point to something else, then you instead need to pass a pointer to that pointer so you can make that pointer point to something else.
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>
    void foo( char **bar )
        *bar = malloc( strlen("World!" ) + 1 );
        strcpy( *bar, "World!" );
    int main( void )
        char array[] = "Hello ";
        char *s;
        s = array; /* point at the array */
        printf("%s", s );
        foo( &s ); /* s will now point to newly allocated memory */
        printf("%s", s );
        free( s );
        return 0;
    Is that basicly what you're trying to do?

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    Yes, with your explanation now the values are not lost when the function ends


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