Thread: parsing command line problem

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    parsing command line problem

    I'm writing a C program to implement a shell that supports a few commands... one of them being "exit"

    I made a table of commands that are supported and I wanted to use strcmp to match it to the command in the table. As of write now I cannot get the program match exit when typed.

    Thanks for any help

    here is the code:
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    main() {
    	char *delimeter= " ";
    	char *tkn;
    	char s[30];
    	char *cmd[]={"dir", "md", "sort", "cd", "type", "del", 
    	int i,f_des[2];
    	while(1) {
    		tkn = strtok(s, delimeter);
    		while(tkn != NULL) {
    			if( strcmp(cmd[6],tkn) == 0){/*check if exit*/
    			if( strcmp(cmd[7],tkn) == 0){/*Check for piping*/
    			if( strcmp(cmd[8],tkn) == 0){/*Check for > */

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    fgets does not remove the newline from the entered string.

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