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    Changing character case

    I am writing this function on changing character strings to either all uppercase or all lowercase. I am supposed to return wether or not a change was made. I am to recieve a string to change and number flag (myChangeType) to tell whether to change to capitals (eToUpper) or lowercase (eToLower)

    * Use the flag (myChangeType) to record whether or not any changes
    * were made.
    * myChangeType=eFalse means no change was made.
    * myChangeType=eTrue means a change was made.

    heres what i have so far... i dont know how to use the flag ...any help would be appreciated

    int myStrChangeCase(unsigned char first_string [], myChangeType name)
     int i;
     int myChangeType;
     /* Lowercase to Uppercase */
     for(i=0; first_string[i] !='\0'; i++);
    	 if( first_string[i] >= 'a' && first_string[i] <='z')
    		 first_string[i]= first_string[i] - (32);
     /* Uppercase to Lowercase */
     for(i=0; first_string[i] !='\0'; i++);
    	if( first_string[i] >= 'A' && first_string[i] <='Z')
    		 first_string[i]= first_string[i] + (32);
     return myChangeType; 

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    You should be using the functions isupper, islower, toupper and tolower. Not all character sets have a through z the same. Also, it's not set in the standard that the difference between A and a is 32. There is no such specification.

    Also, what's the point in returning the change type, since you're passing it to the function? I suspect you want something like:
    if( changeType == LowerMe )
        ...lowering code...
        ...raising code...
    Otherwise the way you have it, everything gets converted through both cases loops.

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