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    Need help with this xml tree example

    Im gona be using xml for my game, i found this simple example which goes through the tree and prints each bit (here )

    Im going to be wanting to check each name instead of printing it so i can put things into structures.

    The thing im confused about is how to go about it. The function print_element_names calls itself which makes it more confusing. Im also not sure about the for loop, the bit which is usualy => 10 or whatever is just cur_node which i dont really follow.

    :-| confused

     * section: Tree
     * synopsis: Navigates a tree to print element names
     * purpose: Parse a file to a tree, use xmlDocGetRootElement() to
     *          get the root element, then walk the document and print
     *          all the element name in document order.
     * usage: tree1 filename_or_URL
     * test: tree1 test2.xml > tree1.tmp ; diff tree1.tmp tree1.res ; rm tree1.tmp
     * author: Dodji Seketeli
     * copy: see Copyright for the status of this software.
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <libxml/parser.h>
    #include <libxml/tree.h>
     *To compile this file using gcc you can type
     *gcc `xml2-config --cflags --libs` -o xmlexample libxml2-example.c
     * print_element_names:
     * @a_node: the initial xml node to consider.
     * Prints the names of the all the xml elements
     * that are siblings or children of a given xml node.
    static void
    print_element_names(xmlNode * a_node)
        xmlNode *cur_node = NULL;
        for (cur_node = a_node; cur_node; cur_node = cur_node->next) {
            if (cur_node->type == XML_ELEMENT_NODE) {
                printf("node type: Element, name: %s\n", cur_node->name);
     * Simple example to parse a file called "file.xml", 
     * walk down the DOM, and print the name of the 
     * xml elements nodes.
    main(int argc, char **argv)
        xmlDoc *doc = NULL;
        xmlNode *root_element = NULL;
        if (argc != 2)
         * this initialize the library and check potential ABI mismatches
         * between the version it was compiled for and the actual shared
         * library used.
        /*parse the file and get the DOM */
        doc = xmlReadFile(argv[1], NULL, 0);
        if (doc == NULL) {
            printf("error: could not parse file %s\n", argv[1]);
        /*Get the root element node */
        root_element = xmlDocGetRootElement(doc);
        /*free the document */
         *Free the global variables that may
         *have been allocated by the parser.
        return 0;
    int main(void) {
        fprintf(stderr, "Tree support not compiled in\n");

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    You should probably visit the FAQ and read some of Prelude's tutorials. Specificly the ones dealing with trees.

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