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    reverse string

    How do I take an string and reverse its order. (ie abc to cba) using getchar() and putchar(). I can read it using the following code.

    c = getchar();

    while(c != EOF)
    codeWriter(c);/*This converts the string to a code*/
    c = getchar();

    The output is in this function.
    char codeWriter(char c)
    case 'A':
    c = 'b';
    How do I reverse the order of the string

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    char store[256]={0};
    int count=0;
    char c;
    } while(c!=EOF);
    that fills an array with user input. Now all you have to do is to putchar() the array out backwards. count will keep a track of how many chars were entered so with careful calculation you will know the index into the array of the last char entered then just count back printing in a for loop.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    I think they should put this one in the FAQ. I, also, have seen this countless times.

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