Thread: Need help with Function.

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    Need help with Function.

    Hello guys, I am doing a C Project.

    The thing where I am stuck at is, Comparing the returned value of a function with a zero. I don't know if it can be done like by comparing the function name with a zero directly. If we cannot do that how can we catch the returned value into a var (so that we can compare this to a zero).

    It will be really great if anyone can provide some idea if I am
    doing anything faulty.

    Best Regards,

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    Calls a function called foo

    if ( bar() == 0 )
    Calls a function called bar, and compares it's return result with 0

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    Otherwise, you use the return value just like you assign any type:
    int bar( void )
        return 1;
    int main( void )
        int foo;
        foo = bar( );
        return 0;
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