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    Question Compiling C++ under C code

    Hi I have a big problem I hope thatsome body help me.
    I need to join two codes, one is a driver of one board (mpRACE1), this driver was written on c++, it uses library vector, iostream, iomap, etc...
    The other code is on C, is the speech recognition SPHINX. the problem is the following one.

    When I include the library of the board and compiling whit gcc marks several errors, but all are derived of the next examples error

    /usr/include/uelib/log.h:47:20: iostream: No such file or directory
    /usr/include/uelib/log.h:48:19: sstream: No such file or directory
    /usr/include/uelib/log.h:49:19: iomanip: No such file or directory

    I change the way to compile, now I compile whit gcc but whit the suffix cxx, and the compile was successful, but now when I linked the program mark other errors like that
    main.o(.text+0x51): In function `main_initialize(int, char**, model_inventory_t**, lexicon_t**, model_def_t**, float*****, float****)':
    : undefined reference to `_E__pr_info(char*, ...)'

    Somebody have and idea thah I can do?
    How I can compile funtion of c++ (vector, iomap, fstream) on C code?

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    Are you using a IDE?? They usually call the apropriate command line when compiling and linking all those stuff

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