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    Jeff Childers
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    field has incomplete type

    I am trying to port a program. The complier says 'field "pointer" has incomplete type

    typedef struct dc6header_s
    long version; // 06000000
    long unknown01; // 01000000
    long unknown02; // 00000000
    byte termination[4];// EEEEEEEE or CDCDCDCD
    long unknown03; // 10000000
    long blockcount; // 10000000
    // after this, are pointers
    long pointer[]; //<------------here
    } dc6header;

    how can I fix this?

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    The C-er
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    Sounds like your compiler isn't fully C99 compatible. I've done the same thing here with no trouble.

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    Jeff Childers
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    Nov 2004
    Amarillo Tx
    I am trying to compile it on os X do you have any suggestions it uses gcc

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    Specify the size of the array named pointer, eg
    >long pointer[100];
    or if you want a pointer instead of an array:
    >long *pointer;
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    Did you try this?

    gcc -std=c99 ...
    If all else fails you could use the gcc extension Arrays of Length Zero

    Btw, your code compiles fine on GCC 3.3 even without -std=c99. Maybe older version default to a different standard.
    main() { int O[!0<<~-!0]; (!0<<!0)[O]+= ~0 +~(!0|!0<<!0); printf("a function calling "); }

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