Thread: listing files in directories portably

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    listing files in directories portably


    I'm writing a C program which performs operations on various files within directories. I'd like to be able to obtain a listing of files contained in a specific directory.

    The tricky bit is, I'm trying to make the code as portable as possible. I know that under DOS I can call a DOS-specific function, and that under UNIX I can parse the output of 'ls' (or other system calls).

    However, is there a better method than simply using preprocessor commands such as #define DOS 1 and then using #ifdef DOS ... #else ... #endif on huge blocks of code? It doesn't strike me as 'elegant' as I'd in effect be defining two different source codes and selecting the one to use at compile-time. Is there a better solution?


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    There should be some compiler specific macros to tell you which Operating system you are using, I don't know them though. There really isn't a better way, if you read the linux kernel, they have a whole bunch of those ifdef's and stuff to test for architecture.
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    Well, since there is no standard file system, as far as C is concerned, why would their be a standard way to handle the file system?

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