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    C program

    Write a program that determine if a word is in dictionary data file program to do the following:
    Look up word
    Add new word to dictionary
    Print the content of data file (dictionary)

    I need help to start this program i have never put a menu in a program before, so could you please help me.

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    int menu(void)
      int selection=-1;
        puts("Welcome to C Programming's Message board\nPlease make your selection\n");
        puts("1) I would like to post some code");
        puts("2) I am a lazy dumb arse");
        puts("3) I'm not sure if I'm being insulted or not");
        puts("4) I could swear void main() was my friend");
        puts("selection: ");
        if ( scanf("%d, &selection) != 1 )
          int ch;
          while ( (ch=getchar()) != ' ' );
          selection = -1;
          if ( selection <= 0 || selection > 4 )
            puts("Wow you really are dumber then you look");
      }while (selection <= 0 || selection > );
      return selection;

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    if ( scanf("%d", &selection) != 1 )
    Missing closing double-quote.

    }while (selection <= 0 || selection > 4? );
    Missing condition.

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    [cover up]Of course they could be intentionally induced errors to keep people from copy/pasting[/cover up]

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