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    Question Porting code form *nix to win

    Should be a simple question. I code mainly for *nix, tho now starting to port a lot of m code to win32. I wrote this code that basically binds a port to a shell in *nix, so now I'm getting it to work on win32. So far, everythings fine, as I've done this a few times now. But in the *nix code, I call fork() a couple times, as I do with setpgrp(). When I compile this in win32, I get the following error: undefined reference to _fork (same with setpgrp).. How come? Do I need to do a #define _fork fork?



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    Um...C code is really system dependant. What you would want to do if you wanted code on win and *nix, then you would have to do conditional compilation. For instance:
    #ifdef _UNIX_
    /*** ETC ***/
    /*** ETC ***/
    Understand what I mean?

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    Yeah, I totally understand. For example, I start my portscanner that way:

    #ifdef _WIN32
    #include "sockwin.h"
    #inlcude "socknix.h"

    But I still don't understand why the reference to fork is _fork?

    See what I mean? I guess I don't know HOW to code this for windows..?


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