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    "Press any key to continue"


    You know when you compile and run a program, it says "Press any key to continue" when it's finished running? Or back in DOS, when you list contents of a directory with the command dir /p?

    Could you tell me how to simulate this in my program? I'm have this long list that I want to print out, but I'd like it to be listed part by part.

    Is there a function of some sort to accomplish this? I've been using getche(), but that's probably not the proper way.

    Thanks in advance!

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    That works if you don't want it to be portable. If you do want it to, then try doing a "Press enter to continue" and use getchar. You may want to follow that with correct flushing of the input stream, as in this FAQ entry. So that, if they type other keys before enter first, it still works correctly.

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    ... and whilst you're in the FAQ:
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