Thread: Good book to learn C from?

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    Good book to learn C from?

    Hey everyone...first time on the forums...I was just wondering...whats a good book to learn C from? I have no experience with any programming languages and dont know much about programming in general. It would be great if some of u guys could give me some suggestions on a good books to learn C really appreciate it...thanks!

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    perhaps its a bit uphill for a super-beginner? hard to say

    kennth reek's "pointers on C"
    hello, internet!

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    The best advice I can give on buying a book is this. Don't buy a book just because other people have told you how good they found it, first pick up a book, go to a chapter of the book that you might understand anyway, and then read, if you can connect with the way the author is writting, then buy it, even if it's C for Dummies. You are better off picking up the basics and understanding them before moving off onto more complicated thing's. once you understand the basics you can then try something more specialized.

    That's my recipie for choosing a book anyway. Although I don't think you should be without "The C programming language"by Kernighan & Ritchie, you realy can't argue with that kind of authority on the language. Although I would advise learning the basics else where first. A good place on the web is eddie's basic C guide found at

    good luck.

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    micklarko are you from Teesside uni...

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    no, I'm from here originaly, I haven't been to university. are you or have you studied here?

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    from some C books i have read the best 2 for beginners i would say is C Primer Plus and C in 21 days, once you have read these and had some experience with problem solving and so on in C, a good book to move onto would be the C Programming Language. heres some links if you want a little look into the index's

    C in 21 days
    C Primer Plus
    The C Programming language

    i would say going in that order would be good, you can also read some reviews on them sites to see what other people think of them

    Good luck.
    Good Help Source all round
    Good help for win programmers
    you will probably find something in here
    this thing also helps

    if you have never tried any of the above then maybe you should, they help alot

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