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    Question Comparing Arrays

    hi, i'm having trouble sorting 2 arrays..

    char array1[10];
    char array2[10];

    i want to print out all characters that exist in both array1 + array2, but not the elements that are not common..
    Please Help!

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    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    int main(void){
    char string1[] = "foobar";
    char string2[] = "flashdaddee";
    for(unsigned int y = 0; y < strlen(string1); y++){
    	for(unsigned int x = 0; x < strlen(string2); x++){
    		if(string1[y] == string2[x]){
    return 0;
    only 'f' an 'a' from string1 exitst in string2...these are all that are outputted.....

    Oh... I used char arrays, but the principle applies to other arrays too
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    Thank you so very very much, i really appreciate this, i've been tormented with this one for months (bit of a newie)
    thanks! rocks

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