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    free command

    i have the following variable
    char text1[30]=" ";
    char text2[30]=":";
    then after putting some values in text1 and text2 i do
    then i need to clear text1 and text2 i tried the free command but it gave me a segmentation error....what is wrong??

    i am using C in linux

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    free() is used to free memory previously allocated with malloc()/calloc() functions.
    text1[0] = '\0'; /* Or text1[0] = 0; */
    does the trick. You could also clear all characters with:
    memset(text1, 0, 30); /* 30 is the size of text1[] array. */

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    If you're unsure what a function does, using the man pages is a good idea, for example man free.

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