Thread: fibonacci problem using while loop

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    fibonacci problem using while loop

    i have been working hard on a c program of how to print the first 10 fibonacci numbers?
    using while loop....
    but i have come out of nothing.... but i know the concept of fibonacci numbers though
    but still...i am confused that do i have to declare 10 variables if
    after declaring suppose variable 1 as 0 and varaible 2 as 1 then variable 3=varable 1 +variable 2 and i'll be swapping the sum of previous two terms to get a next term as it happens in the series of fibonacci numbers.
    plz write a code of this program and help me make me understand using while loop.....
    thx ....
    waiting for ur reply guys!!!!!!!

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    first = 0;
    second = 1;
    next = first + second;

    Having done that, you shuffle the series
    first = second;
    second = next;

    Now put that lot in a while loop and you're done
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    a little google couldn't hurt:

    fibonacci.h and fibonacci.cpp
    It is C++ but since you're interesting in loops it could be helpful
    Or maybe this:

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    int main(){
    	int f0=0, f1=1, f2=1, i=0;
    		/*print the number, and calculate the next one*/
    	return 0;
    Very simple

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    The recursion version is pretty sweet. is a nice website.
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    Recursion version may be sweet, but it's a proved fact that a recursive algorithm of finding fibonacci numbers is WAY slower than an algorithm that is non-recursive (i.e. uses arrays to store the growing fibonacci numbers). Because in the first case, each time a new fibonacci number is calculated, all previous numbers are calculated all over and over again. It may be sweet to read, but for the processor, it's a painful algorithm to work through.

    Just thought I'd mention it, in case you don't want to spend minutes finding the 47th or 48th Fibonacci number

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    try it

    the solution is simple

    keep track of two variables term1 & term2
    add them and store the resulting value in result
    update the variables

    int main(void)
        int result=1,term1=0,term2=1,i=1;
        printf("%d ",result);
            result = term1 + term2;
            printf("%d ",result);
            term1 = term2;
            term2 = result;
        return 0;
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