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    Question Reading input from a data file

    Hello everyone! I'm new to C and its been about a year since I took C++. I have a question concerning the proper syntax for reading input from a data file. This is what I have:


    while ( ( fscanf(inputptr, "%c, %s, %s, %d, %i\n", &action, name, town, &rain, &temperature ) ) != EOF


    I would appreciate any assistance.

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    that looks good enough to me. the proper way to use code tags is [code ] to begin and [/code ] to end the block

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    your missing a ')' at the end of your while statment. probably a copy and paste error.

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    Try this instead:
    while ( ( fscanf ( inputptr, " %c, %[^,], %[^,], %d, %i", &action, name, town, &rain, &temperature ) ) == 5 )
    And even better, when reading string data with *scanf, specify a size. For example, if name and town are arrays of size 20 then you would say
    " %c, %19[^,], %19[^,], %d, %i"
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