Thread: GUI Design for the first time!

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    Question GUI Design for the first time!

    Hi everyone. Advanced apologies if I'm writing this in the wrong style, but its my first time on this site. I must say - its very impressive!!!

    I'm a relatively new C programmer - i've only been doing it for about a year and I'm trying to create myself a little gizmo.

    I want to design myself a software guitar tuner for my home PC and I'm at the stage where I need to design the GUI (Graphical User Interface). I've got loads of books that I'm trying to read through and they all give me advice on what makes a good GUI, etc, etc. My problem is that I'm using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and most of the examples I have are for Boorland or other compilers.

    What I could really do with is a short extract of example code for how to even get a basic empty window to appear on my screen! From there, I can start to add graphics, radio buttons, etc etc, but I can't do anything without a window to start!

    I hope someone can help me to get this project into its next stage.

    in anticipation of some expert help...


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    I don't have MSVC++ myself, so I might be wrong, but doesn't MSVC++ create an empty form (window) as default when you create a new project? From there, it's mainly to drag-n-drop all buttons and stuff you'd like.

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    Creating the window is the tip of the iceburg......working with it needs time and the will to learn.....

    Try Sunlight's page. He has some tuts on Windows programming as well as Dirext X. That will give you an idea of what's expected.

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    Thanks for the link to - it is proving very useful!!!

    If you, or anyone, have any tips on what makes a good or bad GUI then please let me have your opinions!

    My project, as I said, is a guitar tuner so I'm going to (hopefully) have a few graphics plus a set of radio buttons and some form of visual display of the guitar string frequency.

    If you have any advice or comments then please post them here!

    Thanks for everyone's help in advance.



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    Buy "Programming Windows by Charles Petzold".... Its excellent.

    I play guitar and so I am pretty interested in what you are doing..... Good luck

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    So do I, and I am also interested.

    The battery in mine always seems flat when I need it.
    How are you going to get the input?

    I design comercial GUI's for engineering apps.
    Have code for displaying sound waves ect.
    Let me know if you need help.
    A good GUI is a simple one. Everything in reach. Not too many clicks to do what you want.

    To have a look at what NOT to do try

    Interface Hall of Shame - Design Links

    PS This may be better on the windows section of the board.
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