Thread: a way to group characters?

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    a way to group characters?

    Okay I am writing a program where i need to check if a certain character is equal to 'C', 'A', 'R' and about 7 other letters. Now I was wondering if there was a way to make a short list in an if statement to check if they are equal.

    such as
    if (TheLine[i] != {'C', 'A', 'R', 'P', 'q', 's'}){


    but that doesn't work the way it does in other languages. Is there a way to do this, or do I need to do it in a different way? Thanks. If this post isn't clear in my question I will try asking it in another way. Thanks

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    You could use strstr, if you make your comparison a "string" instead of a character. You also could just do:
    int hasc( char c, char *s )
       int x;
          if( s[x] = c ) return 1;
       return 0;
    There's a simple little function to do it for you. Call it like so:

    if ( hasc( letterToFind, "casdefq" ) ) printf("Ok, found it.\n");


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    Ack. That should be:

    if( s[x] == c )


    if( s[x] = c )

    (didn't feel like loggin in)


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    Much easier is strchr

    if ( strchr( "CARP", ch ) != NULL ) {
      // found!!!
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    That's what I was thinking of. (Originally I was thinking strstr, and I knew there was a function to do it, but I couldn't recall it off the top of my head--I didn't want to say 'strchr' and have it not be a standard function.)


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    I would use the strcmp function and do a switch on the returned value against a pre-made list to see what char it is.

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