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    Returning result of an external function

    Hi, if anyone can help me I will be eternally greatful.. and etc..

    I'm writing an os, I know alot about asm but lack any knowledge of c.
    Bascially, I've written an input function in asm that returns what the user typed. I have no trouble just using the name to load a program or to print what was typed to screen, but I can't perform and if on the input without getting a warning. Ive tried messing around with changing ints to chars and stuff, but with my lack of knowledge im really stuck. The code is below:
    (The eroor I get is warnging: comparison between integer and pointer)

    extern void printf();
    extern void pause();
    extern void reboot();
    extern void cls();
    extern input();
    extern void loadprogram();

    static int i;

    int main(void)
    printf("Kernel loaded\n\r");
    printf("Press a key to clear screen\n\r");

    int command(i)
    if (i=="run") {
    printf("Filename of progra to run?\n");

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    > (The eroor I get is warnging: comparison between integer and
    > pointer)

    Yeah, and you know why it gives you that?

    > int command(i)
    > {
    > if (i=="run") {

    Because you're comparing an INTEGER AND A POINTER!!

    See that last line? You cannot use == for comparison. Use strcmp. Or better yet, fix your function prototype to take a char* first, then use strcmp.

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