Thread: How to implement several source files?

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    Unhappy How to implement several source files?

    Gades wrote:
    What I want to have, is a shorter code, so I thought about dividing it in parts; like menus and calculations


    Salem wrote:
    This is a good idea - whay you would end up with is several source files containing the code, and perhaps a single .h file describing the interfaces


    Now I want to implement the calculations in my program, but separated as I said.

    I like Salem's idea, but I don't know how to "make it" (I can't think of an Enlish expression, sorry).

    Any help?

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    What you would basically do is connect the source files (.c) to each other via a header file (.h). You would, summed up, aquire this by using the #include (don't forget with double quotes, not < and >).

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    Thanks Garfield.

    Now I'm being told more or less how to do it (not more or less, totally )

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    Obviously that was me, I forgot to login.

    Thanks again

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