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    Question restrict input

    in this line:

    scanf("%6s", &info);

    the input is only 6 characters and the program only takes in the first 6 characters.

    however when i go to compile and run the program, i can type as many characters i want. in the program, as i type the input, i don't want to be able to type more than 6 characters.

    can someone give me the code or lead me in that direction?

    i know its possible because in the past i created a program that asks for a username (5 chars) and you can't type more than 5 chars in the line.


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    The reason it works that way, is that the console wont flush what the user types in until a carraige return is entered. There are non-standard ways to do what you are asking, but that will depend on platform and compiler.

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    You'll have to use non-buffered input for that.
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