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    Library program - need some help


    I am creating a library programme. I want to write the date issue/return, name - first & last, and title of book to a text file.
    I have done this, but I am now at some point I need help. For example, the program doesn't give me a chance to type in when the book must be returned, it goes straight to ask me if I want to add another record.
    Also, I want to be able to delete any old records from the file. Can somebody give me any tip on how to do this?


    #define LinesPerScreen 12 
    #include <stdio.h> 
    #include <process.h> 
    #include <conio.h> 
    void add_records(void); 
    void display_records(void); 
    void delete_record(void); 
    void main() 
       int reply=0; 
       int items = 3; 
       printf("Library Management Program(Development Phase"); 
       while (reply < items) 
          printf("\n\nChoose from the following options:"); 
          printf ("\n%d. Choose this option if you want to add an item", 1); 
          printf ("\n%d. Choose this option if you want to display items", 2); 
          printf ("\n%d. (or %d, ..., etc.) EXIT program.", items, (items+1)); 
          printf ("\n");                    // Changes the line 
          printf("\nTo exit this program choose the option %d, or higher!", items); 
          printf("\nPlease choose the item to run (e.g. 1, ..., %d) ", items); 
          scanf("%d", &reply);  // Inputs your reply 
          printf("Your choice was option number %d", reply); //Option display 
          if (reply == 1) 
             printf ("\nThe function that adds a record is called in"); 
             add_records(); //Call to the function 
          if (reply == 2) 
             printf ("\nThe function that displays a record is called in"); 
             display_records(); //Call to the function 
          if (reply >= items) 
             printf (" which terminates this program!"); 
          if (reply < 1) 
             printf ("\nChoice %d out of range (retype 1, ..., %d).",reply, items); 
       //The final displays 
       printf ("\n\nThank you for using this program. Good bye!"); 
       printf ("\n"); 
    void add_records() 
       FILE *tofile; 
       char name_in[30]; 
       char date_issue[30]; 
       char title_book[30]; 
       char date_return[30]; 
       char reply; 
       int value_in, rec_no=1; 
       printf ("\nInside of write a record function"); 
       tofile = fopen ("library_file.txt", "w"); 
       fprintf (tofile, "This is the content of your text file."); 
          printf("\n\nWrite here if you want to add a book %d", rec_no); 
          printf("\nType in when the book has been issued(e.g. 11/09/04): "); 
          scanf("%s", date_issue); 
          printf("Type in the title of the book(e.g. Deitel_and_Deitel): "); 
          scanf("%s", &title_book); 
          printf("Type in the name of the borrower(e.g John Pojak): "); 
          scanf("%s", &name_in); 
          printf("Type in when the book has to be returned(e.g. 01/10/04): "); 
          scanf("%s", &date_return); 
          fprintf (tofile, "\nRecord %d:  %s, %s, %s, %s, ", rec_no, date_issue, 
          title_book, name_in, date_return); 
          printf("Would you like to add another record (y/n): "); 
          reply = getche(); 
          if ((reply != 'n') && (reply != 'N')) 
             printf("\nTo quite adding records you need to type N or n -"); 
             printf(" your reply was %c", reply); 
       while ((reply == 'y') || (reply == 'Y')); 
    void display_records() 
       FILE *fromfile; 
       char content_in[60]; 
       int rec_no = 0; 
       printf ("\nRead/Displaying all the current records\n"); 
       fromfile = fopen ("library.txt", "r"); 
       while (!feof(fromfile)) 
          //fscan (fromfile, "%s", content_in); 
          fgets (content_in, 60, fromfile); 
          printf ("\nRecord No [%d] = %s", rec_no, content_in); 
          if (rec_no >= LinesPerScreen) 
             printf ("\n"); 

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    While doing scanf for character arrays,we just specify the name of the array and not adress of that array.
    Eg . scanf("%s",title_book);

    and not

    For deleting records from a file ,
    1-> read the records one by one in a structure
    2-> write all other records except the one to be deleted into another file
    3-> rename the file

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    >While doing scanf for character arrays,we just specify the name of the array and not adress of that array.
    Correct, but why? Just telling somebody that we do things one way isn't enough. You need to explain the reasoning behind it or they won't understand and will probably make the mistake again.

    The reason that arrays are not prefixed with & in scanf is because an array name is almost always converted to a pointer to the first element of the array. Because scanf expects a pointer to char, the bare array name is the correct type. If you prefix the array name with an ampersand, it changes the type to pointer to array of char, which is undefined behavior because of an unchecked type mismatch.
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    > void main()
    You know the drill by now surely.

    > reply = getche();
    Mixing input methods is bound to produce the occasional surprise.
    You best bet is to ALWAYS read a line of input using fgets(), then extract what you want from the line using sscanf() or whatever else seems appropriate.

    > while (!feof(fromfile))
    This is wrong - and why it's wrong is in the FAQ

    > fgets (content_in, 60, fromfile);
    Check the return result - this applies to an awful lot of stuff actually
    fgets (content_in, sizeof content_in, fromfile);
    is more maintainable.
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    Just a suggestion... on the deletion side, add another field/property to your data to indicate a boolean value of deleted or not. Then you will be able to institute a behind the scenes batch update to remove records. Otherwise your wasting time re writing the file every time you delete a record...

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