Thread: Launching web documents through a program?

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    Question Launching web documents through a program?

    Hi. I am currently making an update "program" (with html & javascript) which checks for updates, and downloads them. How do I make a program which will launch this html document (on local computer that access updates through iFRAMEs and stuff) so it opens the pop up??



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    Well, because your question is so informative concerning your compiler and operating system, the only possible answer I could give while still being remotely accurate is:
    #include <stdlib.h>
    system ( "path of the HTML file" );
    But that isn't a great solution, sorry.
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    I am not sure I understand but it sounds like you need to launch a browser instead and pass it the html page instead. (Will system automaticly start the browser if you pass it an html adress? If so thats very interesting.")

    It sounds like you are not even using C but html though so you may be posting in the wrong forum.

    If not why not just create a link to the update html file.

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    In one of my programs, I have used the ShellExecute API function to launch the web-browser to display a html page.
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