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    Question functions defined as a string

    I know that you can define a function as a "char *", but its been a couple of years, and I forget the specific syntax.

    I am calling a pair of C functions from a 4GL (an old IBM DB query language) program, passing four strings to the C function, and having the C function return a String.

    so far all I can think of is

    char *getGeo(char c_city[50])

    I've been using this anoying old language for a couple months, and it has robbed me of my C/C++ knowledge; it's a diabolic IBM scheme to rid the world of OO programming. Really, I swear it is.

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    Is the question how to do it in C, or how to do it in 4GL?

    In C:
    char *myfunction( char array[50], char *stringy )
       return stringy; //valid
       return array; //valid
    You can pass a "string" as an array, or as a character pointer.
    You can return a character pointer.

    Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

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    Well, you can't actually declare a function as _anything_... you are declaring what the function will return onto the stack.

    char *foo(void);

    easy enough...

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