Thread: Difference between "char* buf "and "char *buf"

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    Difference between "char* buf "and "char *buf"

    Hi everyone,

    I am working with someone else's code that uses a struct defined as ...

    typedef struct RawFrame{
    unsigned char* buf;
    } RawFrame;
    If it were ...

    typedef struct RawFrame{
    unsigned char *buf;
    } RawFrame;
    then I would simply read this as a pointer called buf that points to char objects.

    How does the dereference (*) symbol being on the "char" instead of the pointer name (buf) change the meaning?

    Many thanks.

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    It doesn't change it. It's a style preference.
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    Something to keep in mind about one style vs. the other:

    char* x, y, z;
    Some people consider the above style to be a bad idea as it is tempting to read the declaration as three char pointers, when in fact there is one char pointer and two regular chars, like so:

    char *x, y, z;
    Of course if one was to declare three char pointers in the same line, it would look more like this:

    char *p, *q, *r;

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