Thread: Source Code Analysis Tool?

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    Source Code Analysis Tool?

    I am invovled in a project where I need to analyze C code that was written a couple of years ago by another programmer. Most of it is self-explanatory. However, it appears that some of the routines were written as if this individual would be the only person ever to view the code. In other words, he used a lot of abbreviated names for variables, pointers, etc. - often employing single characters which are completely cryptic.

    I've been using Code to Chart to get a general idea of what these parts of the code accomplish, but that tool is far from being a complete analysis tool. I was wondering if anyone knows of a C analyzer that would track pointers, function calls, memory allocation, preprocessor directives, variables and their scope, etc. Most of the apps that I've found which do this are quite expensive and on an enterprise level. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Greetings Sereby,

    There is this open source program called Uno for the UNIX envoirnment. Uno is a simple tool for source code analysis. More information can be found here:

    I hope this helps,
    - Stack Overflow
    Segmentation Fault: I am an error in which a running program attempts to access memory not allocated to it and core dumps with a segmentation violation error. This is often caused by improper usage of pointers, attempts to access a non-existent or read-only physical memory address, re-use of memory if freed within the same scope, de-referencing a null pointer, or (in C) inadvertently using a non-pointer variable as a pointer.

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    Thanks, SO.

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    I once downloaded an evaluation of this program and it worked great.

    It's Windows based and cost $$$


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    Analysis tool - ?


    When you used that 'scitool', what size system did you try that on please? and based on what you saw, do you think you would pay the price for it yourself, if you had to analyze and maintain a very large C++ system?

    So far, i've been trying to find testimonials on that 'scitool' site but havn't found any yet, so i'm going thru the manual to see how well it's documented for starters!

    And for the same amount, there is the 'cc-rider' tool which appears to do the same thing pretty much, but if you've discovered anything new since your last post, i'd really appreciate hearing about what you've found!

    Thanks CODEPLUG and anyone else who has experience with these kinds of tools!

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