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    GTK Help

    Ive just recently started programming again and after reading K&R and experimenting I moved onto GTK (2). Im currently planning to port an application written in Java to C and GTK. Mainly because its a brilliant application and freebsd has some issues with java(well my 56k has issues with downloading the big packages required) aswell as wanting a pet project to work on .

    I just have a few problems I cant figure out. Im sure there will be more but for now they are :

    1: When creating a new window (such as a pop asking are you sure) how do i kill that specific window via the X at the top right. I can only seem to kill both windows(the main and the popup) or none at all.

    2: How can i pass multiple values to a function on certain signals. I want to pass 2 text fields to a login function on a button click. I presume i could use const values in the function and call it multiple times with each text field(as the manual says i can) but that seems 'dirty'.

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    The Best Answer to your Questions (These and Future also) can be found at.....

    But one thing... I dont suggest GTK, It is very very tedious and though you can have extreme control over the program (objects/widgets), it is not worth for usual - generic - purpose applications... Instead, you can go in for a combination of PYTHON + QT or TCL/TK.... They offer much easier programming (achieving all that you want with a lot less code)...

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    There is also PyGTK . easier to code, and because of the interactive interperter you can learn alot faster. Probably even answer your own question.
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