Thread: Help wanted for unresolved externals

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    Help wanted for unresolved externals


    Fisrt of all i am not looking for a detailed awnser to my problem, i'd appreciate it even more to get a deeper understanding of the issue so it wont bother me in the future.

    The problem is me getting Unresolved Externals when linking my projects( the externals are odbc functions).

    All the headerfiles are included correctly so the only problem is that the linker cant link to the odbc library.

    Heres where the problem starts.

    I can't seem to find any (useable) documentation on linking issues (or even better howto's).

    Thanks for any insights!

    (ps i'm using Borlands C++ 5.5)

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    > that the linker cant link to the odbc library
    I assume that these libraries are in a suitable format for your compiler. Library formats can vary from compiler to compiler, you just can't borrow them from some other compiler and hope they will work.

    > All the headerfiles are included correctly
    How did you do this?

    Typically, you would specify additional search paths to specify additional directories to go look for .h files.

    Well the same principle applies to the linker and library - there is a linker library search path, which you can add to, to specify where to look for libraries.

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