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    Unhappy About <winsock.h> and <windows.h>

    I am using windows98 and a djgpp compiler. I am trying to compile a program that use <winsock.h> and <windows.h> and the result is A LOT of errors. It seems that the program's code is OK. Is there any problem with these libs? Is it fixed? If it is fixed where can i find the well working libs?

    Thanx a lot.

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    DJGPP is not a windows compiler (by itself), it is only a DOS (or console) compiler.

    If you want to write windows GUI programs, you need to download this optional feature.
    RSX - Windows GUI programs

    Never used it, so I can't comment on it.

    You might be better off with a compiler for windows, such as dev-c++, but I haven't used that one either (though many speak favourably of it).

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