Thread: Sending data to an ethernet port

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    Sending data to an ethernet port

    I have a c code that gathers data and sends it to a com port, but now I also want to be able to send it to an ethernet port using Linux. I have done some looking around but I have had no luck. Does anyone know of code to write to an ethernet port or a good place to do research for the code?

    Thanks ahead of time for all repleys,
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    I guess you felt this would be out of place on the Networking forum. No, don't crosspost, it'll get moved there by someone.

    Writing to "an ethernet port" is a OS/system specific question. It generally helps if you actually specify what OS/platform you're compiling for. As for good places to research, well, you could always read the previously mentioned forum, or you could visit, oh, I don't know, a search engine...

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