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    catching output

    any ideas?

    ok, i wrote a program that copies files. now i need to time the execution of that program using different buffer sizes
     time prog_name
    the thing is that i need to run it several times for each buffer size and provide averages in a report. whad i't like to do is write another program that does that i just use a system call:
    system("time cop");
    . the only thing is that i'd like to know if i can catch the output that this provides in a variable.

    ya, i know, redirect to a file, read the file, place the values into variables, do calculations. BUT if time command prints to standard out, how can i catch that and place it into a variable while the time program is running????

    using SuSE

    any ideas????
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    Check out the popen() function. You should be able to use that in "r" mode instead of using system() to catch the output of the program.

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