Thread: Parallel Processing - Using "Blocking" to speed up accessing an Array

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    Parallel Processing - Using "Blocking" to speed up accessing an Array

    I have an assignment for school that I am required to speed up an image rotating program using "Blocking" on an array. My teacher has left us with pitiful example and the book for the class has an example that is to complex for me to understand. If anyone could give some assistance or provide a link that explains blocking really well, I would appreciate it.

    Blocking is a process used to reduce the amount of code sent to cache to prevent a cache miss.


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    I hope you have read the FAQ about our general policies on homework. Are you completely lost on the subject, or do you have some general understanding of it? If you can post any initial ideas or understandings of blocking and its uses I will help you as best I can.

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    If all you want is a description of what blocking is, there's more than enough information available on google. I'll tell you this much for your benefit though as it is sometimes forgotten in some resources- If you don't know already, find out what the stride direction is in C. All this means (basically) is the order in which it stores the elements of an array. If you perform blocking in the wrong direction, you could slow down your program.
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