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    End of File

    I'm sure you guys have had this question before... but how do you reach EOF in a statement such as...

    while (getchar() != EOF)
    do something;

    I'm working on the exercises in K&R that want to Verify the expression getchar() != EOF is 0 or 1, and how to write a program to print the value of EOF. All the other books I've read started by teaching printf/scanf so this is a little different.

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    i haven't understood the question... but...

    why while (getchar() != EOF)

    and not while (c = getchar() != EOF)

    you need something to get values from the file to(c)!!!
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    Thereīs a ASCII-character called EOF, but I donīt know its number.

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    The value of EOF depends on your lib i think. Or is it machine-dependant? I can't remember. K&R says it some where.

    Anyways, in Windows console just press Ctrl-Z. That'll be EOF and your while loop will terminate.

    On my machine printf("%d", EOF); returns -1. Try it on yours and see.


    PS: I'm sure you'll find the definition for EOF in your stdio.h file.
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