Thread: From postfix to infix

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    From postfix to infix

    Do you have any idea how to start if I want to change the Stack postfix operation to Infix operation or prefix operation?????

    Hoping for any ones suggestion?????


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    u can do that by making a tree from the stack contents and then traversing the tree in either inorder or preorder as you wish

    if ab+cd+* is your postfix stack(rightmost being topmost) the tree would be

                                 /   \
                                /     \
                               /       \
                             +         +
                            /  \       /  \
                           a   b    c    d
    to make the tree you will need to.....wel im not sure rite now what exactly but i'll get back to you in a day
    im sure this cant be too tuf

    another way i can think of is starting from the left and parsing the postfix string......

    sorry my ideas are a little incomplete rite now...

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