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    Question about array

    Hola...I'm student majoring in Business..These days I just learned about C.. I Have a question, please u guys show me the source code..

    How to make a 2x2 array to create a matrix then perform additon and substraction of the matrices.(functions named addition and substraction)

    A=[ 2 3 ]
    [13 54]

    B= [4 10]
    [8 12]

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    This looks quite a lot like a homework, so I'd recommend that you give it a go yourself.
    Even if you mess it up, at least you've tried and we have something concrete we can help
    you with rather than just giving you the answer. As a start here's how to define the arrays:
    int main (void)
      int a[2][2] = {{2, 3}, {13, 54}};
      int b[2][2] = {{4, 10}, {8, 12}};
      int aminusb[2][2];
      int aplusb[2][2];
      /* add them up and subtract them (think about how you could use loops) */
      /* store results in aminusb and aplusb */
      /* print out results (again use loops if you can) */
      return 0;

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