Thread: Obtaining allocated string length...

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    Obtaining allocated string length...

    I know you can do:

    char word[100];

    int maxlen = sizeof(word);

    //maxlen = 100;

    But when I pass the string into a function, and then try this approach, it gives me the size of a char(4 bytes).

    I am of course, trying to avoid passing the length of the string as a parameter.

    I have tried:

    char * string_func( char *in);

    And also:

    char * string_func( char in[]);

    The results were identical.

    Any ideas?
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    > I am of course, trying to avoid passing the length of the string as a parameter.
    Well you can't.

    All arrays are passed as pointers to the first element, so all sizeof will be able to tell you is the size of that pointer.

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    Instead of:
    int maxlen = sizeof(word);

    int maxlen = strlen(word);

    Since sizeof(word) will give the you size of the pointer to word (as it points to a char array). strlen(word) would be a better choice since it will return an int value that is the length of the word word is pointing to.

    And don't forget #include<string.h>

    Just a thought

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    while calling, call as string_func(word);

    and while declaring

    use char *string_func( char word[100])

    inside this function try strlen() to get the size of the string.

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    strlen() only works on 'c' strings. If you wanted to check the length of any dynamically allocated pointer, just examine the block header.

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