Thread: Arrays In Inline x86 Assembly

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    Because I 'used' to know. I was wrong and I realize that now.

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    Well admitting you are wrong is a big plus on this board.

    We have all been wrong before here. I remember several posts where I posted w/o fully reading the thread....and of course made a moron out of myself. This happens a lot to me as well if I post when I'm tired. Fatigue and posting. Bad combo. And then there are times when I've just been plain flat out undoubtedly unreservedly completely...wrong for no reason at all.

    So no biggie....glad to have at least showed you something useful.

    So I'm not Salem. Sue me. How he can post over 4500 times and never be wrong is truly beyond me.

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    you didn't know. Salem is a machine; he is perfect

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