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    Question Parsing a String... ??

    I think maybe I'm just dumb today but then... maybe not. Heh...

    I've read a bunch of things so far and have a basic understanding of the built-in C string functions. However, I guess you could say I'm confused on a particular concept.

    <select><option selected>New Game<option>Continue<option>Quit</select>

    No, I'm not writting a new HTML display program.

    Now, here's the problem. I want to take that particular string (defined simply as, a char *). Then, I want to break it up using the tags and organize the data.

    Now, here's the question. Should I store the names between the tags in an array? Like, the number of the first option is associated with the characters following it up until the next '<' character.

    I figure ever time I encounter a '<' character I should compare the next characters to either 'option' or '/select'. If it's 'option', I would increment the number of options by one and then associate that number with characters between the '>' and '<' characters.

    Or am I making this way more complicated than it needs to be?



    I just thought of this also (wow, I do feel dumb today!). The array that stores the numbers... should I not store the numbers at all and just simply store a series of strings and than use the array indicies to acsess the string data?
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    I don't see a reason to keep an array of char *'s unless you will need them later on. The array of indicies is simple, and serves the purpose.
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    Ya know... I think I'm just tired because like 10 mins after I posted this I thought of 4 solutions... each one was better than the next so I sorta gave up the question....

    As I said... I do feel dumb today! Fatigue can cause a lot of problems with ones mind...

    - Leeor

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