Thread: compiler not noticing changes in main.c

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    compiler not noticing changes in main.c

    Hi everybody,

    I'm trying to bring a software which was written last summer to run again and I got some problems (of course...). It's a C programm, and I'm working on SuSE Linux 9.1.

    So there it is: when I try to put some printf in my main.c to understand what's goin' on, it doesn't change anything. I do "make clean" and then "make" again every time. Actually I got an error message when launching the software, so I searched the source file for this error message, found it, and I try to modify the error message itself, just to check if the modifications I did to the main.c had any effect. And it appears not...

    I'm quite new to C, and I hope my question is not too much a newbie-question for this forum. And I would appreciate any help.


    PS: I forgot to say that I verified the main.c and main.o modifications dates, and they are ok...
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    Remove the executable and the .o files, then recompile.

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    ok. Thanx for the help, I figured out what the problem was. The command was refering to another executable file, not updated at all. I fixed it in .bashrc with an alias.

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    Never call your program 'test'

    Never put . in your PATH

    Always run your program as ./program
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