Thread: Same question about algorithms in C

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    Same question about algorithms in C

    Hi !!,
    First of all i would like to thank those who took time to answer my question. Now the thing is that some of my friends are saying that "Algorithms through C" by oreilly is good while some are saying that the "algorithms in C" by R. sidgewick ( I hope i have spelt the name properly) is a better one. Since I cant buy both (kinda expensive to do that) I would be very thankful to those who could suggest me a right one. I have basic working knowledge of C. Please do help me in this regard.

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    Easiest thing to do is browse each one for a while to see how you like it (borrow from friends, browse at bookstore, borrow from library)

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    If you want the best text on algorithms there is then stay clear of sedgewick his examples are not too well illustrated in code. Instead look into "the art of computer programming" by donald knuth.This I know is expensive but they dont come any better than this.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    "Algorithms in C" Parts 1-4
    Robert Sedgewick

    - Fundamentals
    - Data Structures
    - Sorting
    - Searching

    Third Edition:

    ISBN: 0-201-31452-5


    Excellent book. Not for newbies. Algorithms are for seasoned professionals. It is expected that you are no longer struggling with the mysteries of the language.

    If you don't want to buy a book, then by all means surf for "c programming" and "gems" and "code"...

    As for expense, well-- to each his own. A book is the most affordable way to learn something, at almost any price other than via reinvention yourself. I have purchased books merely because one sentence in the whole book was value to the task at hand. One sentence which saved me days or weeks of work. A book is cheap.


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