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    Future of C programming


    I am struggling to understand this language and start to be creative. My question is what is the future of C language? Where this language is used and is this language worth of effort? I wouldn't like to learn something that will not be in use anymore. I see that Pascal is not in use anymore, and people who mastered that language had to learn something else. I am not frustrated by this I am just curious what is opinion of all of you in this forum about this issue? I hope that you understood what I mean.


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    C is going to stay around for definately a long time. It has been around for a long time. Almost all linux programs are written in C and Opengl uses C. gtk uses c, sdl... the list goes on and on so don't worry and start to learn

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    most languages that go away do so, not because they are old but because they are flawed and people stop using them. A language is little more than a pile of syntax. C isn't going anywhere.

    and by my signature you can no doubt tell that I believe there is a market for even lousy old languages.
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    >My question is what is the future of C language?
    Even if everyone stops using C this instant, C programmers will still be in demand to port and maintain existing C code (of which there is a LOT).

    >is this language worth of effort?
    Yes. What more can I say?
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    Thanks for your optimism. This was the question that was maybe unnecessary. So, you can be C programmer, have a job, make the applications. That's great, I am going to start learning this language harder.


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    This one is a classic FAQ question!
    put it on.

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    Yup, C will be around for a very long time. There are many legacy source codes to maintain and convert. Just like COBOL, which is still alive and kicking.

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