Thread: Problem: far to near copy, and vice versa

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    Problem: far to near copy, and vice versa

    Could someone tell me what is wrong with this?

    static byte	response_string[300];
    static byte far	far_response_string[3500];
    _fstrncpy( far_response_string, "hi", 3 );
    response_string[0] = far_response_string[1];
    sprintf( _temps, "%c", response_string[0] );
    puts_lcd( _temps );
    What i get on the lcd is nothing (null)

    I have a feeling that the
    response_string[0] = far_response_string[1];
    line is copying it as a null.

    I've tried casting the far_response_string[0] to a (byte) also but with the same problem, the scary thing is that the compiler doesn't complain. I would have expected a suspicious pointer conversion warning if it was a casting issue.

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