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    Quote Originally Posted by Salem
    Still lots of bugs in there
    > while ((buf[i++] = fgetc(stream)) != EOF
    You're comparing a char with EOF, not an int with EOF

    > while (buf[i--] != '\n')
    If you don't read a newline, then this marches off back towards the beginning of memory is a horrible buffer underrun.
    Besides, it also means you lose a whole bunch of file data.
    int *fchar(char buf[], FILE *stream, size_t size)
    	int i = 0;
    	while (i < size - 1) 
    		buf[i++] = fgetc(stream);
    	while (buf[i--] != '\n' && i > 0)
    	buf[i+1] = '\0';
    	return 0;
    >#include "/Source/str.h"
    Adding unistd.h made otherwise portable code less portable. What on earth is this for?
    unistd.h is for 'exit()', I also forgot to 'close()' the file.

    I'm just playing with C.

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    exit() is in stdlib.h not unistd.h close is in unistd.h, but I think you meant fclose which of course is in stdio.h.

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