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    Unhappy array and recusion error..try solve

    i really dunno what problem with this program
    i use cygwin compiler ... got lots error. but when i use microsoft visual c++ 5.0 no problem..
    can run,...
    plz help with me.. and save file with .c not in .cpp
    coz my compiler cannot run it...
    i use recusion and array for 10 employee..
    with add,adit view and delete main function
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    First of all, you need to be clear as to whether this is C or C++, because it looks like C, with a couple of C++ features thrown in for good measure, like

    for(int i=0;i<10;++i)
    You can only declare the variable like this in C++. In C, do this
    int i;

    Some of your loops overstep the array
    for (a=0; a<=10; a++)

    > int add_record(void);
    This prototype does not match the declaration of the function.

    > case '1':add_record(); break;
    And you ignore the return result. If you have no result, then make it a void function.

    > i use recusion
    There is no recursion in this code....
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