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    Advanced C

    How does one create a function that takes info from an array and transforms it into a linear list?

    Suppose the typedef is used:

    Create a typedef DATA as
     typedef struct {
                   char name[10];
                   int age;
                   int weight;
    } DATA;
    Write a function create_l() that transforms an array of such data into a linear list.
    How do i go about doing this?

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    First off, this isn't advanced, but what the hell... By definition, an array is a linear list. See here. It's a PDF. I'll quote:
    A data structure is said to be linear if its elements form a sequence or a linear list.

    Linked Lists
    Stacks, Queues
    Next, we're not in the practice of doing your (home-)work for you, so you'll have to post your attempt first, and not just a data definition. I'll assume you mean a linked list, in which case, I suggest you search the forum for said topic. Try not to stagger under the weight of the search results.

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    Sorry, yeah i do believe it meant linked list. No i'm not asking you or anybody to do my homework for me. just point m to the examples and i'll do the rest meself.....thanx

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    Tutorial on Link Lists

    Now if you have any specific questions about something you don't understand we are more then willing to answer those

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