Thread: Help with rounding a number

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    Help with rounding a number

    Hi, I have a math project in which i need to round numbers correctly (ie. not just rounding up, but proper rounding, so if it was 4.4 it would become 4, and if it was 4.5 it would be 5). Now its easy enough to convert a float to an int, but then it allways rounds up, is it possible to somehow round it correctly?

    Thanks, Nick

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    How many decimal places do you want to round? I won't give you any code, because that would simply give you the answer to your homework. We don't do that. Just think about the problem:
    1) Read the decimal place.
    2) Round up if higher than N, otherwise round down.

    It's really not that hard.

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    I agree,

    It's not hard. It can be done in one line of code, but I'm here on quzah's side because I want "to make them think" - by Quzah

    Yeah, I like that phrase in your signature. Now maybe to help with a few hints you can use the math header <math.h> possibly using abs, floor, ceil or even seperately modf, etc...

    Anyway, here is a link to all the codes given in the header file math.h

    Hope this helps,
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    there is one function in math.h that exactly answers ur requirements. it is called "round" itself. i am not sure but as far as i know it is a standard function. why dont u just check it out
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