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    Student Grade Program

    I have created a student grading program that should allow me to enter gades ansd also sort according to date, oldest first. The code supplied is a different version compared to the earlier one.

    /* Question 3. It describes a student using structures and arrays to
    store and print data */
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <conio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #define N_student 4
    int i,n;
    struct student
     char id[5];
     char name[50];
     double Bday,Bmonth,Byear;
     double mark1, mark2, mark3;
     double av_marks;
     char grade;
    } students [N_student];
    void assigngrade();
    void printavg();
       char buffer[50];
       double total;
       for (i=0; i<N_student; i++)
    	printf("Enter Student ID no: \n");
    	printf("Enter Student name: \n");
    	 gets (students[n].name);
    	printf("Enter Date Of Birth (dd):");
    	gets (buffer);
        students[n].Bday = atof (buffer);
    	printf("Enter Month Of Birth (mm):");
    	gets (buffer);
        students[n].Bmonth = atof (buffer);
    	printf("Enter Year Of Birth (yyyy):");
    	gets (buffer);
        students[n].Byear = atof (buffer);
    	printf("Enter marks obtained for test1(0-4): \n");
    	 gets (buffer);
             students[n].mark1 = atof (buffer);
    	printf("Enter marks obtained for test2(0-4): \n");
    	 gets (buffer);
             students[n].mark2 = atof (buffer);
    	printf("Enter marks obtained for test3(0-4): \n");
    	gets (buffer);
            students[n].mark3 = atof (buffer);
        total = (double)students[n].mark3 + (double)students[n].mark2 + (double)students[n].mark1;
    	students[n].av_marks = (double)total/3;
    	printf("You've entered the students details. \n");
    return 0;
    void assigngrade()
        if ((students[n].av_marks<=4) && (students[i].av_marks>3))
        else if ((students[i].av_marks<=3) && (students[i].av_marks>2))
        else if ((students[i].av_marks<=2) && (students[i].av_marks>1))
        else if ((students[i].av_marks<=1)	 && (students[i].av_marks>=0))
    void printavg()        /* prints the average grade for a student */
    for (i=0; i<N_student; i++)
    	printf ("Student Id=");
    	printf ("%s\n",students[i].id);
    	printf ("Student Name=");
    	printf ("%s\n",students[i].name);
    	printf ("Student Average marks=");
    	printf ("%.2f\n",students[i].av_marks);
    	printf ("Student Grade=");
    	printf ("%c\n",students[i].grade);
    Right now the question is how do i sort according to date, oldest first?

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    There must be hundreds of examples of sorting on the board - try a search
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