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    screen formating

    Here is a stupid question. I have to do some formating for a program. With this formating i need to make a box out these symbles ----------- Depending on how big the box is the number of dashes. I can i make the box grow and shrink depending the data in the box. I can get the side to work but not the top or botom line. Is there some format function that you can just multiple the single - (dash) to the number of charactors going into the box?


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    Yes, it's called a loop.

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    Well, it all depends on your data. Of course, you'll want to use a loop and then stop and the data specification. Example:
    char string[10];
    int numtimes, i;
    printf("Enter how big the box is in length: ");
    fgets(string, sizeof(string), stdin); // get string from std input
    sscanf(string, "%d", &numtimes); // put int value into numtimes
    for (i = 0, i < numtimes; i++)
    I haven't tested the code, but logically that will work.


    BTW If you really want to get into visual programming, learn to program Windows (preferable with petzold).
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